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Need A Haircut Free Salon Directory Listing
I always ask people where they heard about us when they call to book a session and loads of them tell me they found me on NeedAHaircut.com, even though we haven’t been signed up for very long. The girls (salon staff) love the site because I allowed them all to describe themselves on it, I even put some pictures from our staff party up. I think the women who come to the salon like the fact that they can get to know us before they come in. I guess they feel more relaxed.
Charlie, Dallas, TX
I put our opening hours, salon location and some basic info on the mini-website and got a few customers. I kept putting off adding to it, and boy was I glad when I did! I had customers walk in and ask for a particular stylist and say I want you to do to me what you done to that guy on the before and after picture! We had a Bridal party book a session and there were so many of them we opened the salon just for them and made a fortune, all through the power of NeedAHaircut .com!
Debora, Concord, CA
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Salon Owners Want more paying customers through your salon doors? We can help. Salon owners can set up a free account where they can give the public all the information about their salon they want, let people know what you are good at, your salon hours and let them get to know your hair stylists. Bring in new customers from your area, target people who have moved recently into your area or simply increase the Internet presence of your company. Reach more people and show your salon off! Need a Haircut? We can help you find a reputable salon in your area. Browse salon locations, contact salon owners with your questions and get the treatment you want by a salon stylist you’ll love at a price that suits your budget. If you have recently moved to a new location and need to find a great salon that understands your needs, if you need to know salon hours or if you fancy a change and want a new style in a new setting… this is the site for you.